Queathem, Henry Family

by Arland Stemme and Ann Chrissos

Henry Queathem, Sr. married Louise Thiemann and had three children.  Loraine (Sis) married Walter Rocklage and had a daughter, Joann; Henry Queathem, Jr. married Gladys and had many children; and Melvin, who married Thelma.  Following Henry Sr.’s death, Louise married Alfred Pellet, Sr. They had five children:  Alfred Joseph, Jr. (b. 9/3/1923), Francis Albert (b.10/30/1927), John Keith (Mushy) (b. 2/25/1929), Vera Delores (Dutch) (b.12/9/1930), and Emily Vinita, who married Roy Faran.

Vera had a daughter, Sharen, by her first husband, Frank Bass.  After Frank’s death, she married James Brockmeier on July 16, 1951.  Shortly after her marriage she was killed in an automobile accident at Fee Fee and Olive.  Daughter Sharen then went to live with John and Evelyn Pellet for a while. 

The family lived in the Chesterfield bottoms area until the mid 1950s where they raised corn and wheat.  They shopped at Zierenberg’s Market, Dierberg’s, and Castillon’s Market.

Sharen Pellet Davis was interviewed by Arland Stemme on 25 July  1995.