Frommer & Kummer Families

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Walter O.  Frommer  (b. 3 Mar 1898, d. 2 Nov 1980) married Honora A.  Kummer (b. 3 Apr  1896, d. 1 Mar 1986) in 1918.  They had four children:  Donald W. (b. 25 June 1921, d. 11 Nov 1986) ; Enid, Walter Jr. and Carol (b.1930) who married Dave Froesel.  The Frommer family attended Trinity Lutheran Church on Woods Mill and Clayton Roads and the children went to Lake School.  Walter farmed and Honora kept a large kitchen garden.  The family shopped at Zierenberg’s Store.  Honora’s parents were Henry and Rosa Sahm Kummer who married on 27 March 1895.  In 1903 they purchased a 200 acre farm from Edward Bates.

Bates was the brother of Governor Frederick Bates. He served as Attorney General under President Lincoln and he owned an impressive personal library.  Edward Bates was considered to be a brilliant man.  He called his home Hillcrest Farm, which was worked by a large number of slaves.  After he sold his farm to the Kummers, he moved to St. Louis.

Enid Frommer was born in Edward Bates former home.  In 1945, Enid married Arnold Hoffman and they lived on Olive Street Road (Olive Boulevard).  Arnold was a carpenter and Enid raised vegetables and flowers and sold them from a roadside stand near their home.   Enid’s brother Donald served as a sergeant in the U. S. Army during World War II.  Walter, Honora and Donald Frommer are buried in St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery.

Enid Frommer Hoffman was interviewed by Arland Stemme on 26 March 2004.