Dring Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

John Dring (b. 1875, d. 1931) came to Chesterfield  from Davenport, England where he worked as a cistern builder.   John and his wife Henrietta Hohmann did not have any children, but John did have six siblings:  Charles (b. 1877, d ?); Eugene (b. 1880, d. ?); Lilly M. (Dring) Tucker (b. 1883, d.?); Mabel (Dring) Loughran; Tudic H. Watkins; and Jane (b. 1908, d. ?).  Jane married Arnold Kriemelman (b ?, d. 1989), who came from South St. Louis and worked as a retail florist for 48 years with Euclid Florist located by Barnes Holpital.  They had three children:  Arnold, Jr.; Arlene (Kriemelman) Tinterra; and Arthur.  Jane and Arnold, Sr. attended the incorporation of Chesterfield on 1 June 1988.

Jane (Dring) Kriemelman & son, Arnold
Photo taken June 1993 courtesy of Marcella Mertz

Jane Kriemelman and her son Arnold, Jr. were interviewed by Marcella Mertz, Arland Stemme and Terry Wunderlich on 9 June 1993.