Hohmann Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Christian Hohmann (b. 25 Jan 1849, d. 10 Dec 1915) emigrated from Saxony, Germany.   According to family legend, he traveled with Daniel Boone to Missouri.  Hohmann settled in the Chesterfield area, while Boone moved west of the Missouri River.  Hohmann was offered the use of land if he would serve as the area’s blacksmith and he agreed.  He made his home on Old Olive Street Road.  He married Frances Ball from Ballwin and they had five children.  The oldest Henrietta (b. 18 March 1876, d. 23 Apr 1940) married John Dring.  Her siblings, Rufus Henry (b. 6 Apr 1879), Alice Gertrude (b. 6 Sept 1881),  Hans Michael (b. 30 Sept 1883, d. 25 March 1965), and Charles Elye (b. 11 Oct 1888, d. 1966) never married. 


Left to right:  Charles, Hans and Alice Hohmann in 1958.  Courtesy of Jane Kriemelman.


Left to right:  Alice Hohmann and Jane Kriemelman in October 1958.  Courtesy of Jane Kriemelman.

Jane Kriemelman and her son Arnold Kriemelman were interviewed by Marcella Mertz, Arland Stemme and Terry Wunderlich on 9 June 1993.