Sellenriek, Louis & Stemme, Ernest Families

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Louis Sellenrick (1893-1966) married Lauretta Perkins (1896-1986) and they had two sons:  Glenn (19 July 1915-22 Aug 1988) and Russell (16 Mar 1917-1997).  Louis and Lauretta worked as caretakers for the Leicester and Mary Faust family and Louis also farmed the Faust land.  Mrs. Faust gave a pitcher with a swastika on it to Mrs. Sellenrick, who used it to serve lemonade.  Eventually, the pitcher was passed on to her oldest son Glenn and has remained in the family.  The swastika means well being and Leicester Busch Faust had named his estate Swastika Farm. 

Glenn Sellenriek married Ruth Stemme and they had three children:  Susan, Mark and Patricia (Patty).  Ruth was the daughter of Ernest (1895-1964) and Hazel Walker Stemme (1895-1959).  Ruth’s family shopped at Glaser’s Store in Chesterfield, Rinkel’s Market in Bellefontaine and Zierenberg’s General Merchandise in Lake, Missouri.  The Stemmes attended St. John’s Evangelical and Reformed Church in Bellefontaine and the Stemme children attended Lake School and Clayton High School.  At the age of 15, Ruth was confirmed at St. John’s Church and the same year she accepted an invitation to visit the Faust home.

Many Sellenrieks and Stemmes are buried in St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery on Olive Boulevard.

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Ruth Sellenriek was interviewed by Arland Stemme in August, 1997.