Kroenung Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Mr. Damien C.  Kroenung and his wife operated the Fairview Hotel and Buffet and a general merchandise store at the corner of Olive Street Road and Long Road in Gumbo, Missouri.  In 1907 they added a second story living quarters for their family.  They had six children:  Evelyn, who married Reverend Theo Shoemaker.  Their children were Dorothy, Calvin, Frederick and Orpha.  Ethel married Harry Glaser and their children were Norvell, Warren, Elvin and Gerald.  Henry married Marie Holtgrieve and their children were Delores and Edwin.  Erwin married Irma Albrecht and they had two sons, Glen and Paul.  Emily married Homer Glaser and their children were Marilyn, Robert and John.  Wilford married Aurelia Fick and they never had any children.  Wilford died in 1943.

Kroenung sold the general store to Fred Essen of Essen’s Hardware, but a year later Essen sold it back to D. C., who then sold it to Harry and Homer Glaser.  The original store building was torn down in 1935 to make way for Highway 40.  A new brick building was built by Harry and Ethel Glaser.

  Fairview Hotel and Buffet, D. C. Kroenung, Propietor.  It was also a general merchandise store located near I 64 and Long Road.  Pictured left to right:  a laundry woman; Henry, Evelyn, Pearl Kesselring, a hired store clerk, Frederick, Lena, unknown, D. C. Droenung, unknow, Bob Kesselring.  Sitting on step unknown, Bill Kesselring with apron, Charlie Kelp an area carpenter, Ethel and unknown.  Courtesy of Irma Albrecht Kroenung                                  

D. C. Kroenung’s General  Merchandise store.  Courtesy of Mil Glaser.


Irma Albrecht Kroenung was interviewed by Marian Hackmann and Arland Stemme on 25 September 1992.