Bierbrauer Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Jacob Bierbrauer and his wife, Johanna Fohlbusch/Woerle (b. 18 Dec. 1829, d. 7 Jan. 1915) had five children:  Charles (1854-1918), Emma, Johanna , August (1864-1942) and Clara Helena (Lena) (b. 4 Jul. 1869, d. 13 Aug. 1946).  Jacob bought a farm on Strecker Road (Possum Hollow) which his son August inherited.  August married Katherine Krumrey, whose family lived on Clayton Road between Baxter and Kehrs Mill Roads. Eventually, August sold the farm and built a home in Chesterfield.  Their son Arthur (1887-1976) and his wife Anna Kroeger (1893-1984) also built their home in Chesterfield on property that was owned by Edward Burkhardt, whose wife Lena was August Bierbrauer’s sister.  Arthur farmed and also worked for Andrew Kroeger curing and smoking meats.  Arthur and Anna had one daughter, Kathleen, who was baptized at Christ Church Cathedral on 13th and Olive Streets in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended the two-room Chesterfield School and she attended services and Sunday school at St. Thomas United Church of Christ which was located on Long Road in Gumbo.

Kathleen married Victor Reinke, whose family settled in Ellisville in the 1840s.  They had two children:  Vickie who married Hank Kram on 6 Sept. 1975 and Susanne who married John Calvert on 2 July 1982.  John Calvert’s great grandfather owned and operated a blacksmith shop at Clarkson and Wilson Roads.

Several of the Bierbrauers are buried at St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery.


Reinke, Kathleen Bierbrauer was interviewed by Marian Hackmann and Arland Stemme on 3 May 1993.