Schaeffer & Price Families

Edited by Ann Chrissos

William H. Schaeffer (1834-1888) married Mary Fagel (1843-1921).  According to Zena Price, their granddaughter, Mary Fagel came from Germany in an open boat which took six days to cross the Atlantic Ocean.  William and Mary owned a farm north of Wild Horse Creek Road and west of Long Road.  They had eight children:  Henry; William (Willie 1870-1872); Fred; Thomas; John; Charles; Lena; and Anna.  Anna married Henry Hoch.  Henry Schaeffer married Mary Ellen Hahn and they owned and worked a farm on Wild Horse Creek Road.  They had five children:  Marie; John H. (Bud); Roy; Zena; and Helen.  Zena was born on Christmas day in 1907.  She was christened and confirmed at St. Thomas Evangelical & Reformed Church on Long Road in Gumbo.  She attended Bonhomme School for eight grades and was taught by Miss Jordan, Ruby Callahan and Vervivon Wilmas.  Zena married George W. Price and had two sons:  George J. known as “Jim” and John R. know as “Jack”.  Zena and her family lived in Bellefontaine, Missouri and she worked at Rinkel’s Grocery Store for over twenty-eight years.  William and Mary Schaeffer are buried in Gumbo Cemetery.

Zena Price was interviewed by Marian Hackmann on 30 March 1992.