Lowe Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Fred Lowe, Sr. and his sons, Walter, Albert, Clarence (Baldy) and Fred, Jr. (Bud) owned the Creve Coeur Bus Line.  The bus garage was located on Olive Street Road one and a half blocks west of Lindbergh Boulevard.  Walter Lowe lived over the garage.  Their buses, driven by Albert Lowe and Duck Bierbrider, ran from the Chesterfield Post Office to the Delmar Loop and to the Wellston Loop.

Fred Lowe, Sr. and his sons also owned farms in the Creve Coeur Bottoms, Bowling  Green and Frederick Town, Missouri.  They raised mules and sold them to the United States Cavalry until World War II, when the cavalry was dissolved.

Albert Lowe owned and operated the Chesterfield Mercantile Company, which was the first self-service store in the area.  Customers would put their selections in grocery carts and push them to a checkout counter.  The store was located at the present site of the Smoke House.  In 1943, Al Lowe leased the store and slaughter buildings from Mrs. Andy Kroeger.  The Lowes also operated the slaughter house and had the first freezer locker plant in the area.

Pat Lowe Duckworth gave a phone interview to Marcella Mertz in the winter of 1995.