Reising/Hoefer Families

Edited by Ann Chrissos

As a young man, August W. Reising (1870-1953) worked as a laborer in St. Louis.  He wanted to own a farm, so he moved west to the Chesterfield area where he initially did farm work for Mr. Kuhlmann.  Through this job, Reising met and married Kuhlmann’s daughter Mary (1866-1927).  Eventually, he purchased 265 acres on Olive Street Road near Lake, Missouri.  It was mostly bottomland on which he raised potatoes, wheat, corn and several acres of vegetables.  He also owned a threshing machine and used steam plows for plowing.  He built a beautiful $14,000 home on his property and purchased an automobile.  The home was built in 1904 and rebuilt in 1915 after a fire destroyed all but the foundation.

August and Mary had four children:  Carolyn Wilhelmine (Lena), Frederick (Dix), Rose and Mary.  Lena married Emil Hoefer, Jr. (1885-1977) and they had three daughters:  Eileen, Lois and Lillian.  Eileen married Smike Neidringhaus and they had a daughter, Nancy who married John Pellet.  Lois married John Bulan and Lillian married Mr. Steffan.  August’s son Frederick married LaVerna Fridley.  His daughter Rose married Ed Kram and his youngest daughter Mary married Roland Puellmann.

August and Mary Reising and Emil Hoefer Jr. are buried in the St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery.

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