Meier Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Fred Philip Meier (b. 1882, d. 1982) married Emma Arft (b. 1886, d. 1908) in 1906.  Two years later Emma died childless at the age of 20.  Philip had four children with his second wife, Mathelda Oppermann (b.1888, d. 1976).  They also raised the son of Philip’s brother, Herbert Fred (b. 1910).  Their children were:  Irvin Louis (b. 1913); Edwin L. (b. 1916); Helen Karla (b. 1918); and Lillian K. (b. 1928).  All of the children were baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church on Clayton Road and attended Bellefontaine School.  Philip and Mathelda owned a farm on the Chesterfield Mail Route, which was located at what is now the southwest corner of Highway 141 and I 40/64.  Two high-rise tower buildings currently occupy this space.  Philip served on the Board of Directors of Bellefontaine School along with Bert Baur and Frank Farakas. Mathelda was considered to be a good mother and a hard worker who made a delicious cheese pie.  Philip is buried in Hirman Cemetery (Bellerive Forever Cemetery), 740 N. Mason Road and Mathelda is buried in St. John’s Lutheran Church cemetery, 15808 Manchester Road.
Their son, Edwin L. Meier and Bernice Louise Neff were married on April 3 1938 by Justice of the Peace Clemens.  The ceremony took place in Kimmswick, Missouri.  They have two sons, Terry Edwin Meier (b. 12/23/38) and Rickey Louis Meier (b. 9/19/46) and seven grandchildren.

Their oldest daughter, Helen Karla, married Charles Galen and their youngest daughter, Lillian K., married Norman Jacob.

The Meier Family emigrated from Germany.

Edwin L. Meier was interviewed in 2005 and Lillian K. Meier Jacob in 2007 by Marcella Mertz.