Rufkahr & Kick Families

Edited by Ann Chrissos 

Caroline (Carrie) Christine Kick (b. 5 Nov 1886 & d. 7 July 1957) was the daughter of Frank Kick, Sr. and Amelia Sontag Kick.  She married Frank Rufkahr and had one son, Fred Joseph Rufkahr (b. 26 Nov 1909).  Carrie’s father built a log house covered by weather board located on the west side of Clarkson Road.  Her husband was a farmer, who owned property on Wild Horse Creek Road.  Her son, Fred attended Chesterfield Grade School and Jones Commercial Business School.  He married Edna Helen Fissell  on 11 Apr 1934 at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Centaur.  According to Fred, his wedding was especially memorable because it rained, snowed, sleeted and the sun shone during the course of the day.  Fred and Edna built a home on Santa Maria Drive and Wild Horse Creek Road.  They had three children:  William (Billy) b. 27 Feb 1935; Ruth Marie b. 18 Jan 1939; and Nancy Carol b. 7 Oct 1942 & d. 25 Mar 1943.  Fred was employed at Holekamp Lumber Company for 27 years.  When Holekamp Lumber Company in Chesterfield sold out to Chesterfield Farmers Elevator and Supply Company, he went to work for United Lumber Company in Kirkwood and retired from there.  The Rufkahrs and Kicks emigrated from Germany.

 Frank Rufkahr & Carolyn Kick   
Photos courtesy of Bill & Ruth Rufkahr
              Fred Joseph Rufkahr
Photos courtesy of Bill & Ruth Rufkahr 


Information Source
Fred Rufkahr was interviewed by Marian Hackmann on 28 Oct 1992.