Sellenriek, William Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

William Ludwig Sellenriek married Hannah Schoettler and they had twelve children.  William, Jr. married Frieda Kuhlmann; Louisa married Adolph Autenrieth; Matilda married Henry Schreve; George married Mary Bauer; Edward married Amelia Silver; Frank married Laura Koch; Emma married Fred Krammer; Albert married Alice Dobbs; Annie married William Sahm; Amelia married Oliver Queathem; Ludwig (Louis) married Lauretta Perkins; and Frederick married Myrtle Funk.  The family immigrated from Denkendorf, Germany to the Chesterfield Valley.  They initially lived on Lower Bottom Road (Olive Street Road) then moved to a house on White Road.  All of the siblings stayed in the Chesterfield area accept Emma and her husband Fred Kramer, who lived on Mason Road.

William’s youngest son Frederick attended Bellefontaine School.  On 21 April 1924, he married Myrtle Funk.  For the next fifteen years, they lived on the Leicester Faust estate.  In 1939, they moved into Thornhill, Governor Frederick Bates home, where Myrtle cared for the Bates cemetery.  They lived there until Mr. Faust gave the property to the St. Louis County Parks Department in 1968.

All of the Sellenrieks are buried in the St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery accept Amelia Sellenriek Queathem, who is buried in Hiram Cemetery.

Myrtle Funk Sellenriek’s mother was Sophia Carolina Dierberg.  Her grandfather was Frederick Dierberg who came from Germany when he was 18 years old.  Her uncle William Dierberg managed the Zierenberg General Store while Mr. Zierenberg traveled to Europe.  (See Dierberg Family).

Myrtle Sellenriek was interviewed by Jane Durrell and Arland Stemme on 19 June 1991