Smith Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Richard Smith (b. 11 Mar 1906, d. 12 Sept 1992) worked at the Chesterfield Grain Elevator and the Lake Supply Company in Gumbo.  Later he became the first black bus driver for the Rockwood School District.  He grew up in Woodland Mills, Tennessee.  He married Lucille Johnson (b. 11 Apr 1926).  Lucille was the youngest child of Sylvester and Ophelia Johnson.  The Johnson family lived on the south side of Wild Horse Creek Road west of Griffith Lane.  In 1975, Lucille had a new home built on the site of her childhood home.  Richard and Lucille had ten children:  Wesley, Earlaine, Ellen, Richard, Jr., June, Velton, Darrell, Vicki, Keewynn, and David.  For additional information see the articles on the Johnson family and the Chesterfield Grain Elevator.


Sylvester and Ophelia Johnson, parents of Lucille Johnson Smith taken in May 1954.  Courtesy of Lucille Johnson Smith.


Marshall Buckner and Daisy Johnson on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, 1916.  Courtesy of Lucille Johnson Smith.

Lucille Johnson Smith was interviewed by Marian Hackmann and Arland Stemme on 9 July, 1993.